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luster & lūm Starter Set

luster & lūm Starter Set

Price: $74.99

Say hello to an exclusive new assortment from luster & lūm®. This set introduces favorites from each of our beauty supplement collections: collagen support, healthy hair, skin & nails, and holistic wellness.

Now, you can seamlessly support your own beauty from within with the unique & clinically studied ingredients in these three selections:

1. Collagen Peptides: Support beautiful hair, skin & nails 

    • Contains 10 g of premium bovine collagen in each scoop 
    • Undergoes hydrolyzation process to make collagen readily absorbable 
    • Includes a clinically-studied prebiotic to support belly health 

2. Sheen: Improve hair shine 

    • Features clinically studied Keranat® that has been shown to improve hair shine, vibrancy, and beauty and improve scalp health in 12 weeks

3. Beauty Detox: Cleanses toxins from body 

    • Supports metabolism & digestion
    • Features antioxidants to support healthy skin

No artificial colors or sweeteners. Non-GMO.

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